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Benefits of Refinancing

  • Get Cash - Make home improvements, pay for school, or use it towards any of life's expenses
  • Lower Your Payment - Pay less on your mortgage each month with a rate-and-term refinance
  • Consolidate Debt - Get rid of high-interest credit lines through your mortgage
  • Remove PMI - Your equity position may allow you to stop paying monthly mortgage insurance
  • Shorten Your Term - Own your home faster and potentially save thousands of dollars
  • Secure Your Rate - Trade in a risky, unpredictable ARM for the security of a fixed rate
  • Stop Paying Interest-Only - Make a dent in your principal balance with a fully-amortized loan
  • Make an Investment - Use your equity to pull out a down-payment for an investment property or vacation home

Credit or income challenges? No problem. We've got you covered with programs designed just for you.*

Credit Criteria: Life happens. At Network capital, we get that. Your past doesn't have to dictate your future. You can still get financed even with derogatory marks on your credit history. Check out the waiting-time requirements below. If you still have questions, one of our dedicated Home Loan Experts will be happy to assist you, judgement-free.


No appraisal**, no income verification, limited documentation required.
Max LTV 100%

FHA Streamline

No appraisal**, no employment or income verification, reduced FICO credit score requirements. Max LTV 97.75%.

HARP 2.0

No appraisal*, lowered loan-to-value, income, asset, and FICO credit score requirements. Max LTV 150%
Conventional (non-HARP) Loans
Bankruptcy Ch. 7 & 11: Four years
Bankruptcy Ch. 13: Two years
Short sale: Four Years
Foreclosure: Seven years
Conventional HARP Loans
Dependent upon automated underwriting systems "DU" or "LP" when it comes to bankruptcies, short sales, and foreclosures. Speak with a licensed representative to help determine your eligibility.
FHA & VA Loans
Bankruptcy Ch. 7, 11 & 13: Two years
Short sale: Three years
Foreclosure: Three years

Cash-out programs for debt consolidation, home improvements or personal use.

VA Loans

Financing up to 100% available with no monthly mortgage insurance. FICO scores as low as 600 acceptable.

FHA Loans

Financing up to 85% available. FICO scores as low as 600 acceptable.

Conventional Loans

Financing up to 80% available. FICO scores as low as 620 acceptable.


refinancing experience
"We had such a pleasant and quick experience! They were very helpful and made the process virtually painless. I would recommend Network Capital to anyone looking for a speedy and thorough refinancing experience."

Discover Your Options

Trust, transparency, and quality service. Our licensed Home Loan Experts will explain all your options in detail and help you choose the best program for your needs. We even provide you with a no-cost, no-commitment quote so you can see it all in black-and-white.

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