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Homeowners have more options than ever these days. Refinancing to shorten the term, lower the rate, consolidate debt, or pull cash out of the home’s equity has never been a smarter move. Often, direct lenders like Network Capital are able to combine the benefits and accomplish several of these goals at once. Even those who may be in distress, or “under water,” have hope. The government has recently announced that it will extend the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) into September of 2017. This is especially good news for Houston residents who were hit hardest in the housing crisis nearly a decade ago. This program gives those who owe more than their property is currently worth a chance to cash-in on the incredibly low interest rates in today’s mortgage market.

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Couple that with the recent decision by the Federal Reserve to hold off on a rate hike; and you’ve got what may be the most perfect combination of economic factors ever for those looking to purchase or refinance a mortgage. Be careful of being lulled into a false sense of security. The next Fed meeting will take place on November 1st, and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC clearly signaled a hike before the end of the year; so the time to act is definitely NOW.

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There’s even more good news for prospective and current homeowners. Not only has GSE giant Freddie Mac recently purported that interest rates would reach a 40-year low in 2016. These days, there are a lot of no- and low-down payment programs available meant to help first-time buyers segue smoothly into the world of homeownership. Veterans utilizing the VA programs are allowed to finance up to 100% of their mortgage, while non-military consumers can take advantage of FHA loans where as little as 3.5% is needed for a down payment. Even conventional loan programs have options that make needing to come up with 20% a thing of the past, as FannieMae’s HomeReady® program allows up to 97% financing.

The best way to discover exactly how much you can benefit from a refinance or purchase, is to get in touch with a licensed mortgage expert in your state. With a direct lender like Network Capital, not only will you cut out the ‘middle man,’ but you’ll also save money with their “no lender fee” policy. Lender fees include origination, rate-lock, processing, and underwriting fees; which many banks and lenders opt to charge.

With ever-evolving advances in technology, finding out what options are available to you is faster and easier than it’s ever been. Speak to a licensed expert in your state today to take advantage of the favorable market conditions, and start enjoying your life with greater financial stability and freedom.

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